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Complete 3D Workflow

Design, previz, and operate your show in a single-process 3D workflow. Arrange and texture your pixel maps in 3D using the World Viewport. Map any layer of video to any panel and toggle between presets in a live environment. Zero dither, zero alias, content displays exactly as the client and designer expects it to. Set up your show once, remap your show file to many stages in minutes.

Unsurpassed Console Control

Use your lighting console’s mapping system to spatially control each panel using our Crescent Panel Fixture Profile (17 channels). Timecode or punt a video show without your hands ever leaving the console. Every panel, slider, button, and knob is mappable via ArtNET.

Individual Panel FX

Control up to 16,384 panels individually with our built-in Sequencer or with a lighting console. Each panel can be adjusted by color, effect, scale, and 3D perspective control channels like pan and tilt. Quickly program unique panel sequences that work on any stage.

Open Architecture

Advanced users can quickly create custom generators and effects for their artists. Expert users can hack, modify, and build new features into Crescent Sun using the power of TouchDesigner. Each license includes a TouchDesigner Pro license to allow for limitless creative potential.

Automate Your Live Production

Pixel-Perfect Mapping

Fast and Portable

Unlimited I/O Potential

ArtNET Console Control

Generative Content

4K Ready

Real-Time Previz



Pro License


Unlimited Outputs
Unlimited ArtNET Universes
Unlimited Capture Inputs
Unlimited Panel Instances
Includes TouchDesigner 099 Pro License

Laptop and rackmount hardware solutions available upon request. Contact for more information.

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