A Complete, Portable, and Flexible Video Solution

Whether you’re looking to go on tour, power up a festival, or bring your club’s visuals to the next level, Crescent Sun offers the uncontested speed, versatility, and proven quality you need to breathe life into your ideas. Perform visuals on the fly without sacrificing fidelity. With our streamlined setup process, you can go from plugging in to jamming on individual panels in minutes!

Perfect Collaboration of Lighting and Video

Have the most detailed and expressive video control on the market using your lighting desk. Create productions with perfect lighting and video synchronization. Crescent Sun is the professional choice of video control for lighting professionals! Spend more time in your comfort zone and work the video wall the same way you do the stage lights.

A Portable Video Solution

The capability for 60fps output on a laptop makes travel a breeze. Our unique dongle licensing format lets you work anywhere on your computers. Program, previz, and punt a show all from the same computer. For the toughest stage designs, simply plug your dongle into a tower or rackmount server to achieve more outputs and channels of control. Whether on the go, at a cafe, or at home, you can take Crescent Sun with you without hassle.

Frequent Stable Builds

Crescent Sun frequently releases a new stable software build, complete with new features, bug fixes, and more!
Alongside each release, updates and patch notes will be detailed in an accompanying blog post on this site!

Automate Your Live Production

3D Previz

Lighting Console Integration

Fast and Portable

Pixel-Perfect Mapping


Crescent Sun is still undergoing development and is officially releasing in a Beta form. In order to ensure our clients get the most out of Crescent Sun, we are limiting the number of sales by pre-screening purchases and providing technical and feature support for all Beta customers.

Pro license

Unlimited Outputs
Unlimited ArtNET Universes
Unlimited Panel Instances
Includes TouchDesigner 099 Pro License

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