Complete 3D Workflow

Design, previz, and operate your show in a single-process 3D workflow. Texture map your video panels in a 3D model using the World Viewport. Create presets of different mappings or automation positions, and trigger them in realtime during your show. Display your content exactly as intended with zero dither and zero alias. Set up your show file once, and remap your show to most stages in minutes freeing up lots of time and stress so you can be more creative.

Unsurpassed Console Control

Use your lighting console’s mapping system to spatially control each panel using our Crescent Panel Fixture Profile (17 channels). Spatially address your video panels with your light fixtures for perfect stage appearances. You can also timecode or punt a video show without your hands ever leaving the console by mapping any panel, slider, button, and knob is with Artnet, OSC, MIDI, and more.

Individual Panel FX

Control up to 16,384 panels individually with our built-in Sequencer or with a lighting desk. Each panel can be adjusted with up to 17 paramaters such as color, effect, scale, and rotation. Quickly program unique panel sequences that work on every stage.

Open Architecture

Advanced users can quickly create custom generators and effects for their artists. Expert users can hack, modify, and build new features into Crescent Sun using the power of TouchDesigner. Each license includes a TouchDesigner Pro license to allow for limitless creative potential.

Monthly Stable Builds

Crescent Sun releases a new stable software build every month, complete with new features, bug fixes, and more!
Alongside each monthly release, updates and patch notes will be detailed in an accompanying blog post on this site!

Automate Your Live Production

Pixel-Perfect Mapping

Fast and Portable

Unlimited I/O Potential

ArtNET Console Control

Generative Content

4K Ready

Real-Time Previz



Crescent Sun is still undergoing development and is officially releasing in a Beta form. In order to ensure our clients get the most out of Crescent Sun, we are limiting the number of sales by pre-screening purchases and providing technical and feature support for all Beta customers.

Pro license


Unlimited Outputs
Unlimited ArtNET Universes
Unlimited Panel Instances
Includes TouchDesigner 099 Pro License

Laptop and rackmount hardware solutions available upon request. Contact sales for more information.

System Requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and up.
GPU: NVIDIA-only GPU w/ minimum 2GB GPU memory. Recommended GTX960m or above and 4GB GPU memory or above.
Processor: Recommended Intel processor w/ minimum 2.30 GHz and 4 cores or more.
Hard Drive: Minimum fast read/write SSD card. Recommended M.2 / NVMe SSD for large video playback.
RAM: Minimum 8GB RAM recommended.
Hardware Tips: If you want to improve playback performance, the most impactful hardware to upgrade is the graphics card. Go for the fastest graphics card you can afford.

Notable Features:
Advanced LED Mapping
: Map thousands of video panels with individual control over each unit.
3D Workflow: Design your stage in minutes. Share it with the artist team. Program your show on the internal 3D previz.
Extremely High Performance: Drive up to three 4K displays from a laptop.
Window Output Manager: for managing 1-200 outputs.
Data Manager: Manage DMX, OSC, MIDI, Audio, and Keyboard mapping.
Generators: Digital video synths that let you create unique real-time textures.
FX Pipeline: Add a list of effects on a per-layer basis to create new and customized looks.
Video Capture: Supports using Blackmagic, NVIDIA, and some Point Grey, Datapath, and Bluefish capture cards. Plug-n-play support from Magewell and other USB capture devices.
Cue Sequencer (beta): Store presets and automation data of almost any control parameter.
HAP Support: HAPQ allows for high quality cheap playback of large video formats.
Pixel Map Generator: Allows you to create and export pixel-perfect pixel maps.
More Information: Product Overview PDF

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