EPIC Integrations, CUES Upgrades, and more!

27 July 2018

EPIC Chasers

Vello Virkhaus, Lucas Morgan

The EPIC Chasers Engine by VSquaredLabs has been a staple video effect used at Ultra Music Festival and dozens of artist sets. What makes this engine so unique is that it spatially fits your LED walls and has simple, responsive control to jam on your video panels to the rhythm, and now it can be yours! Currently we have 12 unique chaser fx with 16 speed and direction controls, with more on the way.

Preset Previz

Lucas Morgan, Eric Mintzer

Presets are a stutter-less way of switching between different texture mappings or even between different automation positions. The preset engine underwent massive speed improvements to work in a real-time environment, and now contains a screenshot of the stage for easier identification.

CUES – save/load and wave definition

Eric Mintzer, Lucas Morgan

You can now save and load your Cues to your show file bringing this area one step closer out of private alpha. People also disliked the way that the wave frequency of a cue had a direct relationship to the width of the panel fx, so we axed this and replaced it with a width slider, giving you raw control on how many panels are affected per cue.

Colors – Upgrades

Vello Virkhaus

Colors has been the recoloring tool of Crescent Sun for a few years, but there was only one way to use it, which was to recolor your final output. As of today, you can recolor on a per-module basis for many modules. Each deck can be recolored individually, and so can the CUES system and the new EPIC Chasers system. There is also a new way to control the Colors tool based on the EPIC system, which is more intuitive for live color matching of the lighting console: a 2-color mixer with hue/saturation controls.

2018.1.4 | Crescent_Sun_2018.2.1.5101 | 7/26/2018 | TD099: 22800


– Deck Fit Type: Choose how irregular resolution content is scaled in the Decks in the Settings menu.

– Export Pixel map: export the auto-generated pixelmaps from the Pixel Map Settings area.

– Added directions to the waves in the CUES engine. Also now includes a perfect 1-pixel outline.

– Save+Load Cues: Cues and the Cues layout now saves and loads to/from your showfile.

– Reorder fx in pipeline without the need to clear the pipeline.



– FX Pipeline Customizations: Delete and reorder fx in the pipeline.

– Speed, R, G, & B Deck Controls: are now visible for generators as well.

– Added a horizontal scrollbar to the user-defined tags.

– When deleting a panel or group, it will automatically select the previous panel or group in the list.

– When choosing a Deck source as a window output or as a UV map, it now uses the Deck post pipeline instead of pre-pipeline.



– UV dragging/scaling on hundreds of panels is much faster.

– Dropping fx in to the pipeline is now instant.



– Generative Resolutions: Support 4k+ resolutions again.

– Unlocatable Fx: usually from a file transfer between computers, would cause the fx pipeline to run fx incorrectly; no more!

– Generative pixel maps that were not 16:9 were scaled inappropriately on the front end.

– Generative ramp would jump when you change the speed.

– Pause video clip button works again.

– Project guides only appeared on pixelmap 1.

– Newbie screen will scale correctly on non 1920x1080 screens.

– Stacking fx in the pipeline would cause the fx name to duplicate.

– Save button will default to the current project folder.

– Tempo drag-n-drop is repaired

– Selecting panels would sometimes create a single black frame flash.