Generators, FX Ordering, and more!

21 August 2018

NEW Generators
Eric Mintzer, James Johnson
Generators oh generators. We love them so. But we were significantly slacking in available generators in Crescent Sun. Now, you can enjoy 10 new generators in Crescent Sun such as Blossom, Squiggly, Deepcycle, and a classic Rainbow. Each generator has multiple control parameters to adjust to your likings and we also went back and tuned some of the older parameters for better control, most notably, the Source Selector on the Polypusher (by EPIC) generator.
Mip Mapper on CUES
Lucas Morgan
CUES, our preset and panel control system, received a major upgrade this month that should help you create awesome panel effects. Besides the OG wave engine to control panels, you can now use images to choose the direction and movement of a panel fx, which allows for much more unique control options. Simply click on a grayscale gradient and the mip mapper will automatically convert the image in to directions. Future plans include user-submitted images and video mip mapping.
NDI 3.5 is here!
Lucas Morgan
NDI 3.5 is here! Take advantage of the latest and greatest way to stream video over IP. 3.5 is filled with massive speed improvements and rock solid discover-ability. Vello Virkhaus will be utilizing NDI 3.5 for Ultra Music Festival Taipei and Japan next month.
Global Speed Improvements
Eric Mintzer
Global Speed was intended to be a way to quickly ramp up and slow down the intensity of your show at the turn of the knob, but it was pretty much only used for synchronizing the speed of your video clips. We snuck in global speed control on the CUES (alpha) system in the last update, but that still wasn’t enough. Now, any parameter named ‘speed’ is automatically linked to the global speed control, from now and for always. This will be most noticeable in the new generators in the system.
FX Ordering
Lucas Morgan
Finally, reorder the fx in your pipeline quickly and easily with the up and down arrows. Most fx are order-dependant so you can experiment with different fx orders instantly.
2018.1.5 | Crescent_Sun_2018.2.1.5101 | 7/26/2018 | TD099: 22500


-Many new generators

-Reorder fx in the pipeline

[TD] NDI Upgrade: Upgraded to NDI SDK 3.5. Contains better discoverability and significantly lower latency

[TD] Blackmagic Design – Upgraded to SDK version 10.11

-Master levels appears above Final Pipeline

-More new Chasers by EPIC

-Slider to control width of CUES

-Added source chooser to the generator2D: Polypusher

-Global Speed now affects all generators



Tracer selector now appears for generators

-Show texture button was backwards

-Renamed CUES channels: high[red, green, blue] to sub[red, green, blue] and low[r,g,b] to add[r,g,b]

-Duplicate group/panel button now adds the new panel directly to the right of the selected panel for very quick panel insertion of repeating pixelmaps

-When creating a new group, the tx valuefield automatically updates to the right edge of the previously created group also for faster pixelmap creation

-Nudge button on the Create Group panel uses the global nudge value

-When using a trial license of Crescent Sun, the watermark no longer appears over the UI



-Select All on hundreds or thousands of panels hang time has been reduced to milliseconds

-Frame rate increase under load-load system use.



[TD] Fixed cases with BlackMagic cards where very high latency was occuring with some signal formats.

-Midi Mapper would sometimes appear behind the main window

-Alpha level on clip bin now processes after its pipeline

-Select All > Subdivide/Unsubdivide is functional again

-Crossfader composite type is mappable again

-Chasers work on color palettes that contain more than 2 colors

-2 color palettes works on CUES system

-Fixed issue in CUES where rapidly clicking on waves would make the waves viewport hidden

-Amplitude in CUES would lower to 50% instead of 0% in certain constant modes

-Undo button would sometimes not undo

-Autogenerated pixelmap dither removed

-Fit width/height buttons on the UV mapper did not auto-center

-Color coding of the panels extends past panel ID #180

-Clicking on a wave no longer jumps the wave location

-The opacity channel on CUES now happens on the final composite pass of CUES

-UV link would sometimes not link