Clip Bin Redux, SceneProv Improvements, and more!

30 September 2018

Clip Bin Upgrades

Lucas Morgan, Eric Mintzer

As promised, we have recently redone a lot of the logic and workflow of the Clip Bin system for a much smoother and faster experience. Clips now load in your clipbin up to ten times faster then before, and consume up to 40x less gpu ram when pre-loaded so you can now load thousands of clips at a time on the recommended laptops. You can also load both files and folders through a simple drag-n-drop functionality, and arrange your clips in the refreshed tagger system. To tag clips, just drag a clip, or many with the new multi-select, on to the tag.

SceneProv Improvements

Eric Mintzer

This past month I upgraded Sceneprov, the secret real-time scene engine, to have a completely automated workflow within Crescent Sun. Now scenes in Sceneprov are discovered automatically in Crescent Sun and you can load them in half the time. Controlling 3D elements in the scene have a much faster response time. Our scenes contained about 200,000 polygons and 4+ lights and would load in about 1 minute each in the optimized and automatic workflow. 3 Scenes were preloaded at a time in order to minimize GRam impact. With these optimizations, playing scenes in Sceneprov is plug-n-play and much closer to public use.

BPM Elements

Eric Mintzer

I made jamming with you BPM elements much more fun for a live show. I replaced the 16th counter with a sine wave, which looks much better when mapped to a slider or knob. You can now also temporarily forget all audio/bpm based mappings at the press of a button, or permanently forget them.

GPU Ram Reductions

Eric Mintzer, Lucas Morgan

We optimized many parts of the network to see significant savings in GPU ram. Video clips now consume much less GPU. Video files which previously consumed 7Gb of GPU ram now consume less than 150Mbs. We also did a pass on the Welcome Screen to save an additional few hundred megabytes.

2018.1.6 | Crescent_Sun_2018.2.2.5101 | 8/30/2018 | TD099: 25850

-Added media bin saving feature to your showfile.
-Added the ability to load both individual files and folders in to the Clip Bin.
-Added blackout slider on the final Fx Pipeline
-Fx pipelines are not routed to the texture map source router.
-Added a redo button.
-Added an unload button on the Decks
-Added ability to select A+B or C+D Decks in the UV Source Selector tool.

-Improved Sceneprov usability; scenes are now automatically discovered by Crescent Sun.
-Improved blend mode UI options on the crossfader to be larger.
-Improved panel and group fixture creation to check if a fixture is created within pixelmap bounds after the user hits the [+] button instead of automatically clamping the user input.
-Improved UI scalability on free license users.
-Removed “Reset from parent” option in Worldmapper UI as this was redundant and confusing
-Improved clicking behavior and multi-select behavior.
-Added “Open File Browser” button.
-Improved readability of Load-Partial Settings in Load Window
-Improved Load Partial Settings to not Update presets in certain use cases.

-Clip Bin can now store 16x as many clips in the same amount of gpu ram allocation.
-Clips in the Clip Bin now loads up to 10x faster.
-Sceneprov scenes load quicker, and take less of a gpu ram impact.
-Fixed preset stutter when you had both >500 panels and the uv scale amount would change.
-Optimized developer tools to use up 0 cpu processing resources on performance.

-Fixed issue where you would move a Group Fixture and its panels would not move with it.
-Fixed Pixel Perfect Bin scaling issues on non 1920x1080 displays.
-Fixed drag-n-drop issue when windows has DPI scaling turned on.
-Fixed bug where Presets would save to the incorrect showfile folder under certain interactions.
-Fixed issues where some PC’s were not able to hit the confirm button on first launch, due to computer permission conflicts.
-Fixed zoomRGB effect issue where you can not remove it from the pipeline.
-Fixed force-cook issue in which presets would not update when loading a new showfile.
-Fixed issue where the default showfolder name would be recreated on unrelated load.
-Fixed issue where mask would appear behind the pixel-perfect Deck.
-[TD] Fixed drag-n-drop issue on Clip Bin and future use cases.