Clip Bin Redux, SceneProv Improvements, and more!

30 September 2018

New Popup Windows

Lucas Morgan

One of the challenges in CS was managing floating dialogue windows. Due to the nature of TouchDesigner and video mapping as a whole, the primary window must be full screen and must span all windows without anything obstructing the other outputs. Our previous solution had various windows detect when the mouse left their borders, and disappear on their own – but due to some nuances this would sometimes leave the window behind the primary one. A problem during a show especially. The fix was to create a popup window module that actually existed in frame, instead of as a separate window. This combined with python extensions functionality allowed us to “Call” a popup into existence from anywhere in the network and gracefully exit it when done.


Lucas Morgan

We began the long awaited overhaul of the UI system in CUES. The old UI was only meant to be a proof-of-concept, and I took it upon this month to replace some of the most unfriendly interface aspects: the timeline area. The timeline UI has been completely redone promoting modularity, cleanliness, and more intuitive interactivity. Expect many more things out of the Cues area for next month.

2018.1.7 | Crescent_Sun_2018.1.7.5410 | 8/30/2018 | TD099: 25850

-Added Live View to Windows Manager
-Global Colors now has defaults

-Pop-up windows like the Settings menu and mapping wizard no longer have the hover-off effect
-Cues UI timeline has been significantly improved
-Fixed force cook issue with field type UI elements where the field would not be updated until retyped

-Improved static GPU ram usage

-Fixed offset issue on groups if you had 3 or more pixelmaps
-Fixed issue where Colors_Receiver would appear twice in the pipeline when in the first position