CUES updates, UI Resizing, and more!

10 January 2019

Major CUES Updates

Eric Mintzer, Lucas Morgan

CUES took a major leap forward this New Years and is nearing an official release. CUES will be the ultimate preset system to save, record, and keyframe parameters of any feature inside of Crescent Sun. What’s new in this version from last years? Lots! The timing algorithm has been redone, allowing for perfect beat-synced compositions. You can also now keyframe your waveform for personalized value control. The UX is much snappier too, which allows you to quickly explore patterns and create custom looks. Better UI is beginning to take form, with visible play flags on every column, and indicators on each wave show you the most important details of each Cue. There are still many changes that will take affect, and we still need to link CUES to other parameter control outside of panel control, but if you want to get a head start over everyone else on this system, you can enable the alpha version of CUES in the settings menu.

UI Resizing

Eric Mintzer

Pipeline taking up too much space? Want to maximize your CUES triggering area during a show? Now you can resize certain Crescent Sun sections to maximize your screen real estate.

Load Time Reduction

Eric Mintzer

We know that every minute of load time feels like five, and when you are touring at a festival you have minimum time to load in and flash the screen. We’ve been reducing load times on the last few releases and this release has significant reductions of about 20%. Crescent Sun will now load in under 3 minutes when using recommended computer hardware.

2019.2.1 | Crescent_Sun_2019.2.1.5592 | 1/10/2019 | TD099: 27550

-Added ability to have duplicate fx in a single pipeline.
-Added keyframe ability inside of a Cues Wave.
-[TD] NDI Upgrade: Upgraded to NDI SDK 3.7.1.

-Added dragging feature to change length of a wave by dragging its edges.
-Fixed stretching issue on Cues text.
-Buttons and knobs are now vertically aligned in the pipeline, to match your controller.
-Added ability to resize various Crescent Sun windows (such as pipeline and Cues area)
-Relocated wave table area of CUES in a much easier-to-read area (overlayed on top of timeline)
-Added position indicator for every column of CUES.
-Renamed Windows Manager to Output Manager
-Hitting Apply in the Output Manager will now auto-close the Settings Window.

-Optimized load times by approximately 20% (~2.8 minute instead of a 3.6 min load time on a typical high performance server)
-Removed stutter between page selections.

-Fixed issue where panels over 600 were always maroon colored.
-Fixed issue where record window would sometime bleed on to monitor 2.
-Modified time functionality in CUES, to be perfectly and spatially in sync with the BPM.
-Disabled CUES auto-height functionality as it felt..wrong.
-Fixed issue where some CUES mipmap options did not trigger the full range of panels evenly, due to mipmap options containing phew black or white pixels.