Hue Shifts, NDI & Spout, and more!

8 May 2019

Hue Select Color Controls

James Johnson

Up to this point, the main way to edit the color of clips has been to use the subtractive RGB knobs on each deck. These knobs are intuitive for lighting designers but not so much for VJs, so I’ve added a new mode with which to view them. Hue Slider Mode replaces the subtractive RGB knobs in the Decks with a rainbow hue slider and a dry/wet knob. Select a target color on the rainbow hue slider and then turn the dry/wet knob down to apply the effect. It’s important to note that, under the hood, this is still the subtractive RGB knobs, and selecting a color and turning down the dry/wet won’t shift the hue, but will remove all colors that don’t make up the selection. The Hue Slider Mode can be toggled in the Live View tab of the Settings Menu.l In addition to this change, I’ve added a 3rd color selection mode for the Global Color Receiver tool that lets you select a color based on hue, saturation, and value. Finally I’ve updated the FX_HSV_ADJUST FX to be a little more intuitive and have changed its name to FX_HueShift_Saturation.tox.

NDI & Spout Output

Eric Mintzer

You’ve been able to stream video content into Crescent Sun for a while, but now you can output to other softwares or visualisers using both Spout or NDI. To do this, simply go into the Output Manager and toggle the Spout or NDI icon for any given window.

Upgraded Pixel Map Generator

James Johnson

The Pixel Map Generation feature has been upgraded, and now generates a simple grid with a random color every time.

New FX!

James Johnson

I’ve added 4 new fx to the server! FX_Kaleidoscope is my replacement for FX_TILE, and brings an in-software solution for popular Kaleidoscopic VJ effects, with source selection controls and multiple modes. FX_LightRays & FX_DirectionalGlow can be used to create unique lighting effects on clips (powered by a fast GLSL framework). I’ve also added the utility effect, Transform, which will be useful for moving and scaling artist logos.

2019.2.2 | Crescent_Sun_2019.2.2.5710 | 5/8/2019 | TD099: 28070

-Show Files now save Output Manager settings
-Texture opacity slider in Panelmapper now also controls opacity of group & subdivision labels
-Added an output in Output Manager for the original pixel map
[TD] NDI Upgrade: Upgraded to NDI SDK 3.8.

-Windows Manager renamed to Output Manager
-Made zoom & scroll zoom distance in World Editor exponential, which should be less painful on very large stages

-Fixed stutter when changing the number of outputs in the Output Manager
-Fixed stutter when selecting a subdivided group on a very large stage
-Fixed stutter when switching between presets
-Stopped the outliner from cooking every frame even when not in use

-Fixed a bug in CUES where the period UI wouldn’t update
-Fixed a bug in CUES where waves could overlap
-Fixed an incorrect log message when ty in the Create Group changed
-Fixed speed from jumping on ramps
-Fixed a bug in CUES with extending a wave from the left side
-Fixed a bug in CUES with auto snapping past measure 4
-Fixed a bug in CUES with double clicking to create a new wave
-Fixed label on resolution text
-Fixed UV tool misalignment
-Fixed Preset System break that occurred in a previous update
-Fixed buggy group/panel selection between panel & world views
-Enabled mapping on the Speed Knob
-Fixed a force cook issue on presets updating