Frequently Asked Questions

Slow / Low framerates?
  1. Try disabling or uninstalling GeForce Experience.
  2. Make sure your Nvidia™ graphics card drivers are up to date; we regularly add features from the latest driver.
  3. Make sure you meet the minimum system requirements.


Drag-n-Drop is malfunctioning

Turn off DPI scaling in Windows Display Management.


NDI feeds not appearing

Disconnect wifi on both Crescent Sun computer and source computer.


What codecs are accepted?

Crescent Sun accepts a variety of common and professional formats, but for best performance, use a codec in the HAP family such as HAP, HAP Alpha, or HAPQ (best choice).

Other formats that Crescent Sun accepts are: H264, Animation Codec, Cineform, Photo/Motion JPEG, MPEG4, GoPro/Cineform.

The following wrappers are accepted: .mov  .m4v  .mp4  .mpeg  .mpg  .avi  .wmv  .flv  .swf


What are the system requirements?

Recommended Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and up.
GPU: NVIDIA-only GPU w/ minimum 4GB GPU memory. Recommended GTX960m or above.
Processor: Recommended Intel processor w/ minimum 2.50 GHz and 4 cores or more.
Hard Drive: Minimum fast read/write SSD card. Recommended M.2 / NVMe SSD for large video playback.
RAM: Minimum 8GB RAM recommended.

Hardware Tips: If you want to improve playback performance, the most impactful hardware to upgrade is the graphics card. Go for the fastest graphics card you can afford.